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Experience one of the thrilling stories of Cypher Team Alpha, an elite military organization part of the régime of TEMPLE.

Immerse yourself in the world of dynamic characters, and heart-pumping action,and witness the incredible efforts of the skilled Anti/Counter-terrorist unit. They're determined to maintain a balance between Xeniths and Humans in the ever-evolving world.

With Cypher Team Alpha i01, the SoVerse’s first title to breakaway from the original story that birthed it all, you'll explore the SoVerse through a fresh lens.

Join the adventure today and feel the ultimate thrill!

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We Make The Comics You've Been Missing.

"Our motto, "Making the comics you've been missing," is often praised and occasionally viewed as conceited. Nonetheless, it simply conveys that we produce comics that individuals desire were still a part of the comic scene. Our comics are driven by storytelling and transport readers to imaginative realms. While diversity is significant to us,our universe encompasses much more than that. Some individuals may be unaware of our stories, characters, and universe due to a lack of knowledge or preconceived notions. We strive to create the comics that individuals have been longing for, and this is how we introduce SoveReign Comics to the world.

~ Tyrone "Tyr" Jackson, Owner/Creator

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