About The SoVerse

SoveReign Comics (The SoVerse) is a Small Press Comic Book Publishing Company located in Colorado, US. The SoVerse prides itself on the creation of diverse characters while delivering dynamic stories, in-depth character development, and imaginative escape. SoveReign Comics was conceived in 2009 by Tyrone Jackson and established in late 2011. Since then, it has grown from 3 conceptual, and written, titles to 17 titles with 5 published; all expanded across 3 communities, among a large diverse Eco-system, covering 3 areas of story-telling with:

SoveReign ORANGE:
covering the main reading stable.
SoveReign BLAVK: listing the more adult titles meant for intense readers who enjoy levels of stories that cannot live in the main stable. SoveReign KUBS: which is geared towards the youth and early literacy. Presenting different titles, in a respective step, leading up to SoveReign ORANGE level readership.

Tyrone "Tyr" Jackson

Editor in Chief, Writer, Founder/Owner