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  • Will Focus - Cypher Team Artist
  • Demone Amerson - Orisha EXOS Artist
  • Jonas Teraus - TEMPLE High and Infinite Reign Artist, Evil Among Men Creator
  • Maka Montalto - S.T.A.R.S Artist
  • Rae Sparks - S.T.A.R.S Writer
  • Iwan Joko Triyono - TEMPLE High and Infinite Reign Colorist
  • Aminah Jones - Poster and Variant Cover Artist
  • Mark Marvida - Ayanmo Stigmata Artist
  • Sam Thurman - Poster/Exclusive Art Artist







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***Second print of Orisha EXOS to be released soon!***





  • SoveReign Comics is proud of the individuals that we have working with. We take pride in not only being a diverse company on the panels but as well, a diverse company behind the panels.


         With that, this is the SoVerse Spotlight! Where we will interview artists that work with the company.


         This spotlight will be on Jonas Teraus! Jonas has been working with SoveReign Comics since June and is the penciller and inker for two titles    that will be coming out of the SoVerse. As well, his own personal title has been picked up by the more dark/adult side of SoveReign Comics,   SoveReign Blvck.


         Check out the was pretty fun!




Ty: Hey Jonas, its been awesome working with you my friend! So, we're going to kick off the interview with an easy one. When did you start Drawing?

Jonas: I started drawing before I got memory, At the age of 7 I was doing my own comics on post it blocks. I remembered doing some Inspector Gadget comics and The Fly comics when I was a first grader. I remember I had seen The Fly movie and imagined a sequel where the character turned into a superhero, hahaha! I started to figure that comic books will become my life at that age, since then I have ink on my veins.


Ty: Inspector Gadget!? That was my favorite cartoon growing up, too awesome! OK, so whats your motivation?

Jonas: I have to say that my motivation is to tell a story, to generate feelings into the readers, its hard working with someone else script, since I’m a writer as well, but I try to get passionate on every project, I always try to figure out the characters emotion and I do my best to show them on my work, I use the panels to drive the reader into emotions as well, using some Dutch angles and weird paneling’s. So in a second through my motivation is always to tell a story that is not empty, that has something inside, a little me.


Ty: Well, you're with a good group, we're all about story telling. Tell the folks how you joined SoveReign Comics?

Jonas: I was working on another project with Lashawn Colvin, I was doing the pencils and inks of Beautiful Soldiers, Iwan Triyono was doing the colors. Lashawn then introduced me to Tyrone, and then we started working together on Infinite Reign but then, at the same time, we started on Temple High. We decided that we will finish first Temple High. I was lucky to find such a passionate writer and it's really easy to work with someone like that. Since the beginning we worked together on the character designs and that was wonderful! I believe this will be a successful working relationship.


Ty: What title/s are you working on? Do you want to work on other titles in the SoVerse?

Jonas: I’m working on other projects for film companies, also working on other publisher and in personal projects, I can name some like Shadow People for Jerald Garner, or Black Jackets for Kid Comics and written by William Tenner, for the majority of my projects I have signed an NDA contract so I can’t talk about them. For Sovereign Comics I’m working on 3 tittles, Temple High and Infinite Reign written by Tyrone Jackson and both colored by Iwan Triyono. The third project is written by me and I do the art as well, 2017 will be a great year to me since most of my work will be published and I believe that it will be more than 10 different titles.


Ty: Definitely don't want to break a NDA, haha! When you work, do you have music playing in the background? If so, what do you listen to?

Jonas: I use some music. Sometimes I feel so bad that I can only draw without any music or sound. But the music I listen is Portishead, Lera Lynn, Marilyn Manson, Fluido, Omar Rodriguez Lopez. These are my favorite artists to listen while I’m working.


Ty: In one word, what does your work desk look like?

Jonas: Emotional


Ty: OK, well what’s your favorite snack when working, if you have one? For me, its sour patch kids!

Jonas: I don’t really eat too much; I usually eat once a day. I smoke a lot and like to drink some energy drinks. I don’t have a very healthy life, hahaha. My work is my life now and that is ok to me, I don’t need much while I’m working.


Ty: Nothing wrong with energy drinks! They keep you pumped up to work on some characters. Speaking of, who’s your favorite Character in the SoVerse?

Jonas: I have to say Da 'Quwon Washington! He was my first design on Temple High. Also, his "superhero" name is Rage so, he is an emotional guy and to me, he’s always fighting himself in a way. So, I know that in a given time I will be able to do some great scenes with him and that will be awesome!


Ty: Yea, Da'quwon was fun to create. His back story isn't what some will thing. You're gonna love it! What would you like to tell future readers about the SoVerse?

Jonas: It’s a great universe filled with a wide variety of characters. I really like the diversity of the SoVerse. It can tell the story of very different characters interacting with each other and of course, some weird stuff happens all the time and that what the readers love. I guess that the best side of the SoVerse is that there is so many diversities with the characters that anyone can identify with some of them.


Ty: What would you like to tell people that want to work with Comics?

Jonas: Well, have perseverance, practice, you always can get better, and don’t surrender. It’s a hard way but, it is the best thing you can have in your life. Your art needs to be seen for an audience that can get to know you through it.


Ty: You're work is awesome so, where can people go to find it?

Jonas: You can see some of my work on my Facebook page, or in my web portfolio





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    Ty: Oh yea! You just recently got a title accepted to be in SoveReign Black. How do you feel about that?

    Jonas: I feel resolved in some way. I was always waiting for this to happen, to have the chance to tell my own stories. I am recently divorced and this came at the best time possible because I feel a hole into my soul and I know the only way I can fill that hole is telling people how I feel and I will tell them with my art and with my words how it feels. I have started this project 5 years ago and I think I got all set now and it will be the best thing I have ever done until now.


    Ty: Who are your biggest influences on your work?

    Jonas: My main influences are Alberto Breccia who really knew how to transmit emotions. He was such a good artist and his management of different styles is what I want to perfect the most. Also, another one of my biggest influences is Salvador Sanz. He really knows how to tell a story! His work is almost like seeing a movie and I love that. Hirohiko Araki is other one of my spiritual mentors. His work on Jojo No Kimiou Na Bouken is awesome. He really knows how to write and make twists on a script that can leave you mesmerized. Todd McFarlane, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Dante Ocampo are my other biggest influences.


    Ty: What do you think of Mainstream and Indy Comics?

    Jonas: I love both! I love mainstream but my heart will always be passionate to Indy creators that are really into what they do and want to tell their own stories. Mainstream has some great stories but sadly to me most of what they publish is not good at all, maybe the art is good but the scripts are so plastic that you can wrap a sandwich with it. Indy comics have other feelings. The titles are always trying to push the limits and I love it. I try to do the same.


    Ty: I feel the same, I love both as well! What’s your favorite type of Story?

    Jonas: I love a story that has some kind of character developing in it. It doesn’t matter if it is a horror story or a superhero story. If the characters are not the same at the beginning and in the end. I love to see characters evolve or be destroyed. When a character is not always good it has some sense of humanity that I think helps the reader to feel identified with it.


    Ty: Tell me who your favorite artist, currently working, right now is?

    Jonas: Well, let’s see, there is Lee Bermejo; his work is amazing. I really loved Noel, then Andy Brasse who’s pencils are total madness. The level of detail on his art is totally out the limits.


    Ty: What character would you like to work on in the future?

    Jonas: I always wanted to work on Batman. He is my favorite mainstream character! He can be a really deep character; his pain is legendary, drives him to wear a black cowl and go out at night to fight for what he thinks is right. I love most of the DC characters, not what they have done with them lately but, I think that the fault of that is in trying to reach the most audience possible. They added colors and complexity but they didn't work too much on the character’s deepness. If you take Batman cowl and give it to another Gotham City character you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, the text is almost the same, the action is exactly the same.


    Ty: What personal project do you have, that you love the most?

    Jonas: There is a story I have not talked about yet, to a publisher. I think it’s the work of my life! The name is, Dark Tendencies and it’s subject to change right now but, is divided on two parallel stories that can work perfectly without reading the other. But they have too much in common, having nothing to do with each other, more than the resemblance to one of the characters. It tells the story of a man who kills himself and from his body another man in born. I won’t talk too much because I really don’t want to spoil anything but, I think that once I have released Evil Inside All Man and Dead Man's Will I will start to work on the title.


    Ty: What part of creating do you enjoy the most?

    Jonas: I love to make a layout and to do character’s close ups! The close-ups have the chance to show an emotion in just a tiny expression and when I’m working on the layouts, the story begins to came out of my hand and that feeling is all for why I do this.


    Ty: In 10 years, what do you think you’ll be doing?

    Jonas: Dead surely, hahahaha! Well, I hope to be working in projects I love with amazing people. I can’t tell about my personal life that always sucks but, in my professional life I will be sure to be more established than now. If I can say a single thing about the future is that I will work hard and I will accomplish some more of my goals. Hopefully I will not have to wait 10 years to make it.